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BFF Friday: Tribal Print with an Easter Twist

28 March 2014

This title sounds quite obscure, right?  Yeah, I know.  It came about because I tried to do some lovely bright coloured tribal nail art and they just ended up like easter eggs!

So I persuaded Saz that this should be our theme for BFF Friday this week and she luckily agreed.

I took inspiration for my manicure from this picture:

I've started collecting pictures I find on google that I think would make lovely manicures and this was in my folder.

I decided to use the pattern from left to right, building it up on my nails then moving on to the next nail when I ran out of space. 

I used Model's Own White Light for the base then painted on the design using Blue Glint and Barry M's pink nail art pen and Greenberry as well.

Here are my results:

I was really happy with these.  They looked so bright and eye catching but a bit eastery!  Hence the twist in the tribal pattern!

Don't forget to check out My Mint Nail's design too!


  1. I love this twist on the traditional Easter design! The colours work really well together too! :)

  2. I love how you used that picture for inspiration, and how you decided to follow the design from left to right copying each bit as you went - that's such a fab idea and way more original than getting inspo just from other nails like I did! Loooove these and love how we both used really similar colours <3


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