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BFF Friday: Geometric Pastels

11 April 2014

I'm neglecting this blog - I'm sorry.  I'm a rubbish blogger.  I just haven't been very inspired as far as my nails go recently.

This weeks BFF challenge was for Geometric Pastels.

For this manicure I picked two of the new Barry M Gellys - Huckleberry & Sugar Apple alongside Barry M Berry & Strawberry ice cream.

I alternated the colours to paint all my nails bar my ring finger, which I painted white.  I then used the black Barry M nail art pen to draw on my shapes, filled random gaps in with the pastel polishes then once I'd given it at least an hour to dry, I went back over the lines with the nail art pen.

I got the inspiration from this dressedupnails manicure:

 and interpreted it to fit in with my theme.  I may gave these nails a proper try at some point cos I think they look fab!

Anyway, here are my results - I'm really happy with these and I hope my manicure last me a few days!

Don't forget to check out My Mint Nails to see what she came up with for this challenge.


  1. I love the colour combination you've used for these! The accent nail looks great too! :)

  2. Loving the variety going on in this design, it looks really cool!! :D x

  3. I have nominated you....


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