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BFF Friday - Pink Tie Dye

25 April 2014

Okay, so I have to admit I thought this weeks challenge was going to be pretty simple.  Chosen by Saz, we had to complete a tie dye manicure that had a bit of pink in it.

I have failed majorly with this.  I have tried three different manicures and all of them suck.  The photos I have chosen to show you are the best out of a very bad bunch.  Nothing worked.  I tried dragging a needle through my polishes, I tried a "sketchy" tie dye manicure.

I created my final effect by thinning my polishes with acetone before creating swirls on my nails.  I hope that they would blend into a tie dye type look.  I think though, I needed to water them down a little bit more as they didn't blend so well.

I used:

  • Barry M Rose Hip
  • Model's Own Pink Veneer
  • Model's Own Strawberry Tart
  • Model's Own Sun Hat
  • Model's Own Cerise Shine
Very very pink!  I love having loads of pink polishes.

Anyway, here are the final photos

It's quite a crazy and bright look but I'm not sure it really counts as tie dye.  I'm sure Saz has done a much better job, so make sure to check out her blog to see what she came up with!

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  1. Always love seeing your matching manicures, I have not managed to master tie tye tbh :P :D


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