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Gel Manicure - Glitz Your Bitz

12 May 2014

Hi guys.

I've been away for a while and as usual, I'm slacking with my blog posting.

Recently, I went away for the weekend to Amsterdam.  As I was flying KLM, I only had hand luggage and I hated the idea that my manicure could chip and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

So I decided to treat myself to a gel manicure (and get my toes done while I was at it).  I visited Glitz Your Bitz which is on Tredegar Street in Risca.  It cost me £20 to get both my toes and nails done.

The girls were really friendly and chatty and we had a good gossip while they did my nails.  I was really impressed with how they did the manciure (and paid close attention to what they did too).

Here is my gel manicure when it was first done:

It's beautiful and I was so so pleased with the results.  All week people have been asking me how I did my nails!

Here is the manciure after a week and 4 days.  As you can see there are no chips, just my nail growth (and wow, my nails grow quickly).

I'll be removing the manicure later today, but only because I'm bored of having the same manicure and I've had some fab nail mail that I'm eager to try out.  I think though that I'll keep on going for the toes because I'm really rubbish at painting my toe nails!

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