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Models Own: Speckled Eggs

20 March 2014

If you've read My Mint Nails recently, you'll see that she came down to Wales on the weekend for a visit full of nail polish and shopping and food.

I did buy a few bottles of polish while we were out shopping - I invested in a couple of the Models Own new Speckled Eggs range.

The colours I picked were Dove Pink and Magpie Green.  Because they were on 3 for 2 in Superdrug, I also picked up White Light Hypergel as well, as my previous white had run out.

I was intending to do a tribal nail print design with my speckled eggs, but it didn't really work.  I'd lie to get back into doing tribal prints, as I think they're such a fab nail art design for the summer.

So instead I painted alternate nails pink and green.  Then I did a kind of, broken manicure on my ring finger, use nude blocks to break up the colour.  I did it with the green on my left hand and pink on my right.

After a day or two, I decided to matte them manicure to make them more mini egg-esque.

I really like these polishes and I'll definitely be wearing them a lot more on the build up to Easter!


  1. Great combination! I like the look of the broken manicure accent nail and Dove and Magpie look great together! Both polishes look great with a matte topcoat too! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm currently resisting the urge to go buy more!


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