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Tri-Polish Tuesday: February Week 1

04 February 2014

A new month, a new set of polishes to work with.  This month we have to use Brown, Pink and Grey in our manicures.  The colours I have picked for the month (although they don't have to be the same, my OCD makes me use the same) are China Glaze Foies Gras, an OPI pink that I forget the name of and Sally Hansen Dorian Grey.

The manicure I decided to do this week was inspired by My Mint Nail's beautiful mosaic style manicure she posted about the other day.  They were stunning and I really wanted to have a go.

So here are my results:

They were quite easy to do but took a while and I love that they look so complicated.  I painted my nails with two coats of Dorian Grey.  Once this was completely dry I drew random lines all over my nails with my white Barry M nail art pen.  I filled in sections using the other two polishes using a tiny nail art brush and once these were completely dry I went over the lines again.

Once I tidied up the manicure, I topped it with two coats of Poshe.

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  1. I loooove these, those colours look so fab together in the mosaic! <3 xx

  2. This looks great - just like the ones on My Mint Nails! I love your colour choice too! :)

  3. I love mosaic nails! But you gotta be so patient to achieve that look I just couldn't make it :(


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