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BFF Friday - Lace Nailart

07 February 2014

Hello all!  This blog post is hopefully the start of something new and exciting!  Myself and Saz (My Mint Nails) have decided that we should start doing BFF Fridays.

Some Fridays we will be posting nail art based around a chosen theme.  It won't happen every week, because I'm sure we'll fast run out of ideas.  But when we both have time, we'll join in.

This week, Saz decided we should use our Cerise Hypergels from the new Model's Own range then add some lace nail art over the top.  The colour will (hopefully) be the only thing that's the same and fingers crossed we've decided to do something different with the nail art - though how funny would it be if we chose the exact same design?!

I got my hypergels yesterday after I took advantage of Model's Own 50% sale.  5 bottles of polish for £12.50... how can I resist?  I'll be doing a proper blogpost of them once I've swatched them properly.

I then googled pictures of lace and lace nail art to get an idea of what I wanted to put over the top.  I found this lovely design and because I'm feeling a little under the weather, I decided to copy it with my white Barry M nail art pen.

I love these, they were so simple and easy to do but look really lovely too.  Don't forget to go and check out Saz's post and see what she came up with!

Oh, and the winners of my giveaway have been announced.  Jayna (The Sequined Nail) won the 3 bottles of Nail Lacquer UK polishes and Rebecca (Lane's Lacquers) bottle of Naileymabob.  Congratulations girls!


  1. I love yours, they're so neat, and I definitely want to try the way you've done the lace print here for myself!

    Also, big congrats to the two winners of the giveaway - I'm jealous but sooo glad it was bloggers that won :-D Enjoy them girls! Xx

  2. Awww love both of the lace designs!

  3. I really need a bright pink like that now!


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