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Tri-Polish Tuesday: February Week 2

11 February 2014

I love love love splatter nails - they're a regular occurrence on this blog and they're so easy to do as well.  The clean up is the biggest job but I do love the satisfaction of making a massive mess with my manicure then cleaning it up really well.

So I had to involve splatter into at least one of my Tri-Polish Tuesday manicures.  And here is the first attempt.  This is with the same colours I used last week.  I used the brown first, then the pink before finishing up with the grey.

I really love these, they're super effective and look like I've spent a lot of time on them (when actually I didn't!)


  1. That looks great! I'll need to try this technique :)

  2. These are epic. I still loooove those three shades together! I definitely need to try splatter nails again, they never seem to turn out as good as yours! Xx

  3. These look great! The colours work so well together! I haven't tried a splatter manicure yet, but I think I might need to! :)

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster award :)

  5. oh i do love it! Must've been a pain to clean :P xox


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