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Lilac to Blue Gradient

02 February 2014

I love gradient nails.  They're quick to do and dry quickly as a plus and they're always my go to nail art when I'm stuck for other ideas.  You can use whatever colours you fancy and some of the best gradients I've seen about are with some of the most obscure colours, that you'd never think of putting together.

I like to play it safe though, so for tonight's gradient I used Ciate's Ferris Wheel and Sugar Plum.  These are beautiful pastel colours and look stunning together.

I applied two coats of Ferris Wheel then used a make-up sponge to apply the gradient.  It only took a couple of goes to get this nice coverage.

I then topped it off with Nail Lacquer UK's Brony Me (which is actually Saz's).  I have to give it back next weekend, so wanted to get another go of it before I relinquished it.

Sadly, AJ at Nail Lacquer UK has decided to close up shop (which is very very sad news - as you all know, I'm a massive fan of her polishes).  If you'd like a chance to get your paws on some of her polishes don't forget to enter my giveaway - there's only a few more days left!


  1. This is totally beautiful! <3 I love those ciate polishes for gradients, especially the pastel ones. And Brony Me really pops over pastels. Beautiful mani :-D Xx

  2. Great colour combination.
    I was gutted to hear that AJ had closed her shop too. Love her polishes.

  3. super cute nails. I love how the Brony Me has little specks of yellow in it. Looks stunning over your gradient. xx


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