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Blue Studs!

29 January 2014

Just a quick post from me today just before life gets a little hectic again!

Last week I was filming on set and tried to keep my nails basic (but still nice) with easy to repeat designs just incase of chippage.  If you're filming for a few days in a row, everything about you has to stay the same for continuity - to make sure that odd person doesn't complain that you, although in the deep background of a shot) was wearing pink one second and blue the next.

So I used one of my new Ciate polishes (which has fast become one of my favourites because it's so versatile) - Ferris Wheel.  I dug out a stud wheel and matched some studs on my accent nail to do a basic, but lovely design.

I can't handle boring one colour nails any more unless I'm just swatching!!

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  1. These look epic, the studs go so well with the pale blue, and i love how you've set them out!! Xx

  2. I love those studs! Where are they from?

  3. They're from Born Pretty Store! :) the wheel came with lots of colours and was super cheap too!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out :)


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