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Challenge Week 8 - Green Nails

18 February 2013

Green nails are hard.  Also, I'm on a varnish buying hiatus (apart from the new Barry M Gelly Shades which I have to wait until March to buy now anyway).  I'm allowed to buy essentials (top coat, base coat) but aside from that - nothing.

So I was limited with the very rubbish green shades that I have.  A light green from Avon, Spring Green by Barry M (which turns my nails yellow even if I use a base coat) and then Barry M Gelly Watermelon which stains everything.

But I'm actually quite impressed with my attempt.  Stuck with a design but with a whole afternoon of nail painting ahead of me, I thought I'd get a little more gradient practice in.

I love gradient nails, they look so effective and professional and they're so easy to do:
  1. I take a cheap make-up sponge and cut the tip off to make the edge a little wider.
  2. I paint 3 stripes of nail varnish, going from lightest to darkest and overlapping each stripe a little and press it quickly against my nail.  
  3. Once it's dry, I do it again and again until I get the colour to my desired opaque, moving the sponge up and down a little to "mix" the colour edges.
  4. I match the paint with a glitter coat to hide any rubbish bits.
  5. Then finish off with two layers of top coat.
I used Lac Attack's Felix Felics which is a beautiful gold glitter that comes with a lovely gold sheen then two layers of Sally Hansen insta-dry.

It took me a while to clean up the mess but I love the final result and people have been commenting about my nails all day in work, which makes me extra happy!


  1. These look really gorgeous Bob! really neat, and bright and eye-catching.
    Cant wait to see more usage of your lacattack!

  2. beautiful green! love this mani xxx

  3. these are so cute, they remind me of the sea!x


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