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Lac Attack: The Horcrux of It

21 February 2013

Horcruxes are bad.  Like really bad.  The worst thing in the world.  It's a device created and used by the darkest of Dark witches and wizards, those seeking immortality.  In a horcrux, one conceals part of the soul to prevent death.  In order to do so, the soul must be torn into two pieces: one for the horcrux, and one that remains in the physical body.  To create a horcrux, one must commit "the supreme act of evil" - murder, which "rips the soul apart."  They must then perform a special spell (the incantation of which has not been revealed) which will harness their soul, allowing them to place it into an object at will.

The act of creating a horcrux is considered to be dangerously unnatural.

They're so bad, even J.K Rowling didn't want to write down the incantation, just in case she inadvertently made a horcrux or some poor small child accidentally turned their teddy bear into one.  Can you imagine it?

So a nail varnish of the same name needs to be dark, gloomy and a little bit green and evil.  This polish from Lac Attack does exactly that.  It's dark, with the hint of an evil green and a little bit of naughty glitter.  I've got it on my toes now but it looks so effective on nails.  It kept on catching my eye.  It also kind of fits in with my green nail challenge this week.

Lac Attack's store is here and you can follow her on twitter here.  It's very hard to get hold of Magical Musings.  She restocks the store every so often and they literally sell out within 10 minutes.  She's also stopped doing international shipping so I feel very lucky that I managed to get my claws on it when I did!

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