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Lac Attack: Beauxbatons Academy

22 February 2013

Another of Lac Attack's amazing varnishes is dedicated to the French Magical School Beauxbatons Academy.

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is a Wizarding school located in the Palace of Beauxbatons near the city of Cannes in souther France.  Beauxbatons's current Headmistress is Madame Olympe Maxime.  It's students are usually very pretty and are usually thought to have come from Veela heritage.

Fleur DeLacour is one of the more famous students from the school.

As you can see their uniform is blue.

The varnish fits in very well with the idea of the school and the students.  I do not like Fleur DeLacour but I do like Beauxbatons Academy nail polish.  It's a creamy white with blue and white hexes, mixed in with the tiniest hint of gold glitter.  It goes on lovely as a top coat but I used mine just over a base coat to get the full effect.  It took just 3 layers to get a nice coverage.

This is definitely one of my favourite polishes.

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  1. Love the little bits of glitter in this, your nails kind of look like eggshell! Very delicate and pretty x x


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