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Challenge Week 9: Delicate Print

26 February 2013

Oh my gosh this has been a hard challenge week.  I spent all day Sunday on google, looking for inspiration.  I wanted to do fish net but I couldn't even start to make it work (has anyone got any tips for this?)

I do like Aztec print and I like the look of Aztec print on nails so I thought it would be a good idea to try my own Aztec print.  Then I remembered how absolutely rubbish I am at freehand.  Like, it's shocking it's that bad.

This print caused problems in the house.  I was in a bad mood because the fish net hadn't worked anyway, that was made worse by the fact that I couldn't do my right hand, at all so I asked my mum to carefully copy the print from my left hand and put it onto my right but she made an even bigger cock up.

So I apologise for the state of these pictures, I couldn't even be bothered to tidy them up!

Colours are Barry M Black and 17's Perfection.  These are not perfect.


  1. I love Aztec print but I totally can't do it! :-( I like these, especially your thumb and middle finger! Yeahhh delicate print was too hard!

  2. Why did we put delicate print on the list?! Not a fan. I haven't even attempted Aztec yet! Terrified of it!


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