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Big Ruby Nail Tattoos

04 March 2013

This is my week's best nail art find ever.  Remember those tattoos you would get when you were a kid?  Of rainbows, my little pony and full of glitter.  You used to not wash for days so that it could stay on for as long as it could but by the end of the third day, you'd be picking it off in school anyway?

Well Big Ruby have recreated these tattoos (kind of) for our nails.  And they're amazing.  I picked up Star for $8.50 in the sale to give them a go and I love them.  They stick on easily, you press a little water against them then peel of the back and voila.

I picked the pink bulldog tattoo and applied it onto 17's Perfection as a base.  I then spiced the rest of the manicure up with some bullion beads and a touch of glitter.  This is one of my favourite manicures - I love it!

Big Ruby's shop can be found here and there are a range of tattoos you can buy.  I'm looking to get his and hers next!


  1. I looooove the nail with the tiny beads on! How did you apply them and how long did it take? Are they just caviar beads? I want your skillz! X

    1. They're bullion beads from sparkly-nails. They look fab but they're so fidgetty to put on. It took me forever. Once they were on and sealed with two layers of top coat though, they lasted for forever. xxx

    2. Cheers for the info! Must try on my days off when I will have time! X


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