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Challenge Week 9: Delicate Print Nails (attempt 2)

04 March 2013

So I pretty much failed the first time I attempted this challenge.  However, during the week I felt a lot more inspired and managed to pull a much better manicure out of the bag (well in my opinion).

The main colours I used in this manicure were from the new Barry M Gelly range.  I used a base of Lychee on every finger bar my middle finger on which I used Green Berry (yum!)  I painted a "delicate print" onto my pointer with a small paint brush and used a dotting tool for the polka dots on my ring finger.  My little finger was topped off with two coats of a Model's Own glitter who's name escapes me.

I also added some detail to my thumb with some hex glitter, painfully stuck on piece by piece.

I think this is a much better attempt at delicate print (although it's a bit of a cheat as only one nail really has delicate print on it!)


  1. These are so cute! Especially your thumb! xx

  2. Greenberry looks so shiny and gorgeous! And these pics are lush. I love the different stuff on each nail yet they're still all on the same theme. Gorgeous


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