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Challenge Week 4 - Orange Nails

21 January 2013

So the challenge this week was to do orange nails.  Sammie over at The Nailasaurus tweeted a link to another blog called Sparrow Nails.  While browsing I came across a pictorial for a gradient and glitter manicure that I was desperate to try out.  So I had a dig in my stash and came up with a few orange family colours that worked well.

Here's my final result:

Sorry about the shoddy quality of the picture but I used the flash on my iphone and took it at my desk in work.  I was naughty and top coated before I cleaned up so it's been a really bugger to neaten it up and I eventually gave up.  I need to invest in some pure acetone and a decent brush I think.

Anyway, the colours I used were:
  • Barry M Coral
  • 17 Orange Soda
  • and Barry M Peach Melba.
These are definitely summer nails and I can't wait to recreate them again when the weather changes.

Just incase you want to try your own, here's a direct link to the pictorial.


  1. Gorgeous! I thought you'd used 17 Orange Soda as I also did. Love the glitter over the top, it really finishes off the look! I'll add a link to yours in my post, I only linked to Kays cos you'd not posted yet! But I wanted to link to yours too.
    x x x

    1. Thanks mate - I should do the same too. I'll remember at some point I promise lol


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