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Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

18 January 2013

I've just got in from walking in the snow.  My hands are all chapped, red and sore from the cold and it reminded me the importance of moisturisers.  You moisturise your body and face (well you should do) once they've been wet, washed or feel dry and you should do the same with your hands in order to help maintain healthy looking hands and nails.

Your hands are exposed to the elements more than other parts of your body.  Keeping your hands well moisturised can also help reduce the signs of aging.

I moisturise my hands as part of my daily routine.  As soon as I step out of the shower I moisturise every inch of my body, right to the tips of my fingernails.  Then during the day, every time I have to wash my hands or do the washing up or face the elements I moisturise my hands.  You cannot over moisturise.

I tend to drift between three different moisturisers.

Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream

This comes in a 100ml bottle which is perfect handbag sized.  It's very reasonably priced and easy to apply.  It's unscented so great for every day use.  However, I find that my hands get dry soon after using it and needs a lot of reapplying.  It's only £3.39 in Superdrug so I'd rather have this in my handbag as it's cheap to replace if I lose it.

Cath Kidston Bluebell Hand Moisturiser

This rich hand cream is easily absorbed into the skin and really makes my hands feel nice, smooth and soft.  I often noticed that after I've used this moisturiser, my nails also look a lot healthier.  However, at £8 it's quite costly.  The bottle is too big to go in my handbag and sometimes the smell can be overpowering - I have to make sure I don't use it before eating!!  I do love how great it makes my hands feel and save it for after I've finished my baths as a special treat for my hands.

Soap & Glory Hand Food

This is my favourite hand moisturiser, ever!  I have a bottle of it everywhere!  You only need a small amount a time and it spreads nicely over your hands without being sticky or greasy.  It smells nice and can be used all the time.  It can be bought in boots for £5 for 125ml but you can also get a smaller handbag size bottle (50ml) for just £2.50.


  1. Wise words Bob but I never actually do this! I should make more of an effort -_-

    1. You should Sazzles! If you don't mind me saying, your hands do look a little dry in your pictures and I bet some moisturiser would perk them up lovely! ;)


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