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Spice up your nails

17 January 2013

I need to stop ruining my nails by peeling off the paint before lunchtime the day after I painted them. If I'm at home and not doing anything else, I change the colour of them to stop me getting bored of them.

Tonight I used Blueberry from the Barry M Gelly range. It's a lovely bright colour and has a fantastic shine to it. They look eye catching but boring so I spiced them up with my black nail varnish and the smallest nailart brush I could find. I out on two top coats of seche vite to seal the deal for a cute but "sensible" nail art look.


  1. Love these, so cute! Gorgeous base colour, and they're so shinyyy.

    I do exactly what you do - peel it off after only a few hours. If there's a tiny chip or imperfection I can't stop picking at it....argh!

    1. I'm the same... I hate imperfection in my nails so as soon as I spot it I get rid! I also pick while I'm in meetings which probably looks really bad to everyone else in the meeting! But I get so into it!

  2. I do something similar, or should I say I used to. My nails have been so much better since I stopped (Nov last year ish) but I would paint my nails at night, then some 16hours later have picked the lot off.


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