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Dreamcatcher Nail Art

28 May 2014

Hi all,

I'm actually doing a post that isn't a BFF Friday post!  Shock, horror I know!

Those who follow me on instagram will have seen that yesterday I posted that I wasn't sure what to do with my accent nail.  I had painted four of my nails with Barry M's Greenberry (still one of my favouritest summer colours ever) and my ring finger with Model's Own White Light.  But I couldn't quite what summery piece of nail art to add to the white (though I did quite like the look as it was).

I decided to take a look through instagram and twitter, just searching the hash tag nail art.  I did a lot of browsing and found quite a few designs that had used dreamcatchers in a way.  I collected a few images together, using google to help.  These are two of the pictures that I used for inspiration:

Polish and pearls also had a pictorial which help me too.  

So using their colours and nail art inspirations, I came up with this manicure:

I used Models Own Sun Hat for the beads and my Barry M Black Nail Art pen for the dreamcatchers.

I really love this manicure but I'm really annoyed because I chipped a nail doing something in the kitchen earlier! :(


  1. I love these nails. I think that this one of those designs that look really impressive yet isn't as complicated as it looks to recreate,

  2. Very nice! I love it :) might have a go at it myself since greenberry is my absolute fav too :D


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