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BFF Friday: Stud Crazy

30 May 2014

Hi all,

Another BFF Friday today.  Today's theme is Stud Crazy.

I wanted to do a mad white and neon stud manicure, but my neon stud supply is really low so I couldn't.

Instead, I created a cling film manicure using Model's Own Sun Hat and White Light then threw a load of gold studs at it to finish it off.  My favourite nail is the chevrons and I plan to do a manicure shortly, just using them.

Don't forget to check out what Saz (My Mint Nails) has done too!


  1. Loveeee, especially the triangles and the accent nail! Also the little rows of studs look like a string of beads! Also I love your nail shape, mine won't go like this :-( x

  2. Pretty! I love this look x

  3. These look great! I think my favourite are the chevron ones too! :)


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