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Iconic Effect: Malificent & Poison Ivy

03 March 2014

Hello all,

I'm having a tiny break from Tara polishes, just because I'm saving the last polish I have to show you for a very special manicure, to bring you some Iconic Effect.  Unfortunately, these polishes are no longer for sale as Kelly has closed down her shop but I was lucky enough to grab a couple of polishes before she did so.

I got my paws on Malificent & Poison Ivy.  Two beautiful holographic polishes (which, by the way, I'm completely obsessed with at the moment!)

Malificent is a rich deep purple holographic, easy to apply and nice and smooth.  I was really happy with this and got loads of wear out of it without chippage.

This manicure is 3 coats Malificent to get complete opaqueness and one coat Ciate Speed Coat.

I was a little bit more disappointed with Poison Ivy.  After 5 coats the polish still wasn't opaque and, if I'm going to use it again, I think I'm going to have to match the colour underneath to give it more of a base.  It applied well and wasn't very streaky though.  It's a shame because the colour is beautiful.


  1. These nails polishes both look stunning! It's a shame Poison Ivy took 5 coats - I don't think I'd have the patience! :)

  2. I know... That's the problem I had. I even tried adding coat 3 as a really thick one. I cant find a suitable green to go under it yet, so I'll have to keep looking!


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