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BFF Friday: Indie and an Accent

07 March 2014

Oh my, another two weeks have passed and me and My Mint Nails are up to our old tricks with another BFF Friday.

This fortnight is Saz's choice and she decided we should use an Indie polish then match it with a nail art accent nail.  Then she messaged me today and asked if there could be two accent nails.  Luckily I hadn't done my manicure yet, so I nicely agreed.

Anyway, the indie polish I decided to use is my last unswatched Tara's Talons nail polish.  This is a fun and colourful glitter topper called "Disneyland".  Disney is one of my favourite places to go, so of course I wanted this polish.

I painted three nails with Barry M Matte White then two with Barry M Burgundy Crush.  I added Disney land onto the white nails and freehanded Mickey Mouses with a Barry M white nail art pen.

The polish is fab, just like the rest of Tara's glitter toppers.  The only issue I had with this one was that I struggled to get the Mickey glitter pieces out of the bottle but the little buggers finally showed up with a bit of fishing.

Don't forget to check out Saz's blog and find out how her manicure went!


I always look forward to your lovely messages and comments and always try to reply! :-)

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