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Barry M Silks Nail Art

08 March 2014

So a few weeks ago I reviewed a few of the new Barry M silk nail polishes.  Although I was impressed with the colours and how well they applied, I commented that I wasn't very happy with the usability for nail art.

I created a skittle manicure, using different styles of nail art so show off the colours.  On my thumb and middle finger I created a gradient, mixing Heather and Meadow with Pearl.  This was a painful experience.  It took me around six rounds with my make up sponge to get enough colour on the gradient and another five or six to get it to stand out as much as it does!

On my pointer and ring finger, I created a waterfall effect.  But again, the paints did not show up on the pearl so I eventually used Iconic Effects Poison Ivy and Malificent to emphasis the silks and try and get them to stand out.

Then I finished off the manicure with Barry M's White Lady on my pinky!

It's such a shame because the colours are so stunning.


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