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The Tara Emporium: Ibiza

27 February 2014

I'm such a lucky nail art blogger, I really am.  I've got all these fantastic polishes to talk about.  More Tara today and this time I'm here with Ibiza.  It's full of neon-y goodness and if I was one for going clubbing, it would surely remind me of my clubbing times!!  It's mixed up with black stars and shards to give a complete Ibiza-night-club-summer-holiday feel.

I layered mine twice over Barry M White to make sure the colours stood out, which it does.  As per normal, the glitter was easy to apply, gave me great coverage after a shake and was easy to reposition once it was on my nails!  I love it!

Here's the polish without flash first:


And now with flash:



I only have one more Tara polish to swatch - that's the lovely Disneyland.  I can't wait to get it on my nails and show it off, Disney is my favouritest place in the world.

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