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Tara's Talons: Barbies Hangover

23 February 2014

Hey guys,

I need to save face after that horrific double gradient attempt I did for BFF Friday.  So here is a swatch of the fantastic "Barbie's Hangover" from Tara's Talons (or the Tara Emporium).  I realised in my last post about her, I didn't let you know how you could find out more about her!  Aren't I a naughty nail blogger?  You can buy Tara's polishes at her etsy store, visit her at her website or "like" her facebook page. While I'm doing a little bit of promoting, why not also visit my facebook page - if I get to 250 likes, I'll be launching a facebook only giveaway!

Back to the polish.  Barbie's Hangover is a fab glitter topper.  It's a mix of greens, pinks, whites with a few extra colours mixed in too.  I decided to apply this as a glitter gradient over Model's Own Hypergel in Cerise Shine for the ultimate Barbie look.

(I apologise for the photos - I realised while I was at the Roller Derby that I hadn't taken a photo of my nails!!)


Again, because Tara's polishes are so consistent - they applied beautifully, cleaned up well and I got great coverage without much poking and prodding.  Exactly what you need from a glitter topper!


  1. OMG I love these, pairing this glitter with that bright pink was genius! They look so fun <3

  2. That bright pink is awesome! The glitter looks fab gradiented down the nails like that as well.

  3. This is so pretty! I love the gradient :) xx

  4. Very pretty, that pink is just perfect Barbie colour!!


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