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The Tara Emporium (Formerly Tara's Talons): Fairy Brains

20 February 2014

My luck is in this month guys.  I won a giveaway that the fabulous Tara was hosting and was allowed to pick any 10ml and 5ml bottle of her polish.  Fairy Brains was one of the polishes I picked.  Its a fantastic glittery topper full of purple, silver and pink glitters AND pink butterflies and silver flowers!  Its what I think the insides of my brains look like.

I topped this polish over two coats of Models Own Strawberry Tart.  It was easy to apply, dried quickly and the glitter bits were easy enough to position and gave great coverage.

Here are the results (finished off with Poshe top coat)

I then thought I'd try it with a matte top coat and LOVED the results!

Stayed tuned because I still have a few of Tara's polishes to swatch!


  1. Well done on winning! This is such a pretty polish and I love the undie you paired it with :) xx

  2. Love this, and haha to this bit: "Its what I think the insides of my brains look like." I think that's totally true :-D Xxx


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