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F.U.N Lacquer - Secret Admirer

18 February 2014

Okay... I have a bone to pick with you guys.  Why didn't any of you tell me about Rainbow Connection?  Anette stocks international polishes for all us lovely brits to buy.  So we can easily get our paws on polishes such as Picture Polish, Dance Legend and Cadillacquer without paying extortionate shipping or feeling the wrath of the Royal Mail!

I have a wish list on that site the length of my arm.  So I've had to limit myself to £20 or two polishes a month.

This month (and my first purchase from the site) was F.U.N Lacquer - Secret Admirer.  It's a beautiful cerise to light pink/cream thermal that also has a little bit of a holographic tease to it!  Its so stunning.

I applied it without a base colour and it only needed three coats to make the colour deep and lovely.  I topped it with two coats of top coat and the polish lasted for forever.  I was so impressed with it.

You have to ignore the shoddy photography.  I painted, cleaned up and took the photos on the coach to London!  The things we have to do for a good manicure!

This is the polish straight from the polish

This is how the polish looks when your hands are cold.  Look how shiny and lovely it looks!

This is the polish in its transitional stage (or lukewarm!!)

And this is the polish when your hands are lovely and warm.  These photos don't do it justice but they're a dusky pink/almost white colour when warm.

You can find out more about F.U.N Lacquer by visiting their facebook page.

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