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Pink Sparkly Leopard Print Nails

25 January 2014

If you follow me on Instagram , you'll see that I managed to get my paws on a half price Ciate Advent Calendar so I decided to use it through January.  It's definitely got me through January.

The final polish, for day 24, was a beautiful pink sparkly glitter called Serendipity.  Straight away I knew I had to use it.

First I painted all my nails with Barry M white, apart from my pointer on which I used Dragon Fruit.  I then applied two coats of Serendipity.

However, I felt that this still wasn't enough and the manicure was missing something.  My colleague Louise had Leopard Print nails so I decided to use these as inspiration.

I freehanded Dragon Fruit "splodges" onto my nails then topped these with Serendipity.  I then freehanded the black outline.

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P.P.S So is Nail Art Novice.

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  1. Very pretty print! Love how you freehanded it :) I could never do that!


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