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Galaxy Nails (ish)

27 January 2014

I love, love Galaxy nails but for some weird reason (something to do with my poor colour choices), I can only do them in pastel colours.

I have never been able to post about my galaxy nails - I usually do them and run out of time to take a photo of them.  I usually use a tutorial I found on The Nailasaurus and obviously tailor it a little.

This time I decided to use Pocket Money Polish's Starry Night instead of freehanding the stars (I usually really muck these up).  I quite like the effect it has over the galaxy nails.

The colours I used are Barry M Limited Edition Yellow, Model's Own Grape Juice and Apple Pie, OPI Can't Find My Checkbook and 17 Pink Grapefruit.  I also dabbed on a bit of Avon's Silver to make it more cosmic-y.

Starry Night was a christmas gift off the lovely Saz! I can't wait to use it properly!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.  I did them really late last night and didn't check my lighting.

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  1. I loooove these - especially how the pastel colours all look together and how they all seem to merge. They look all dreamy! Fab idea to put Starry Night over the top <3


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