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Golden Oldies Thursday: Blue

23 January 2014

The rules of Golden Oldies is that we must use a polish that is at least 1 year old.  According to my Time Hop - this polish was ordered exactly one year ago, so I think it counts!

Lac Attack was the launch of my love for Indie Polishes.  I stayed up this time one year ago for a restock to make sure I could get my hands on her Magical Musings set after seeing them over on Nailasaurus and because of my love of Harry Potter (of course).

Durmstang is a fantastic blue that I don't give enough credit for.  It's a rich, metallically blue that has shards of black in them.  The polish applies really well.  My results are 3 coats of Durmstrang over two coats of white and two top coats of Poshe (which I love love love).

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