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Nail Lacquer UK: Galaxy

05 January 2014

So AJ managed to sneak some pretty new polishes into the store before the start of my spending ban.  So I had to snap them up v. quickly.  Galaxy is a stunning purple to bronze duochrome.  I couldn't stop flashing my nails in the light to catch the different colours.

The polish applies well, I was a little worried it would look streaky but 3 coats gives a fantastic coverage and definitely no streaks!

I was trying all different types of lighting to get the full range of the colour in these nails, but whatever I tried wouldn't get the full potential.  It is so beautiful though.

I was a little bored during the evening and I had my Barry M Nail art pens to hand so did a little drawing on my nails and ended up creating a fab tribal design over the top of my nails.  The polish looks really well with the tribal pattern, I was so impressed.

You can buy Galaxy and AJ's other polishes over at her Etsy shop.


  1. Looks great on you, I think you have captured it beautifully and the nail art is ace!

  2. The polish looks gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Nail Lacquer polishes x

  3. I love the deep purple shimmer in this, it's really nice, and a nice wintery shade too. And the nail art is awesome, especially the patterns on your index and middle finger! Love it :-D x


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