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Barry M Textured Nail Polish Gradient

06 January 2014

I've been using my time off work to take a look at different facebook groups and other nail bloggers ages.  I've spotted some amazing manicures using techniques with polishes I wouldn't consider using.  So while I'm procrastinating learning how to stamp, I decided to use my Barry M Textured polishes to create a gradient manicure.

I love the textured polishes.  They're lovely for nights out - they have a great feel and a lovely sparkly but I was a little worried when they first came out after the disaster that was their sequin effect polishes.  But these apply lovely and dry super quick which is a bonus.

I used Countess, Princess and Duchess for the manicure.  I did consider replacing Duchess for White Pearl but Duchess seemed a closer match to the others.

I first applied one coat of Duchess for a base then used a make-up sponge to create a gradient of the three polishes.  I did struggle a little because Countess is such a darker colour than the other two but I think the final effect looks really good.  

I cleaned up then added two coats of insta-dry to finish off.


  1. I love this, it looks so sophisticated! I wanna recreate it, but I only have white and gold textured glitter...

    1. I'll lend you the others so you can do it!

    2. You can just do the whole mani for me when I see ya :-p

  2. Love the colours and textures in this gradient! I might have to try it sometime soon! :-)


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