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Indy's Indies: Balloon House

13 January 2014

I have coveted Balloon House for such a long time, that I was so happy to finally get my claws on it.  I've seen so many fantastic manicures created using it, mostly themed around Up!

I started a Pinterest Board to inspire my manicure but only found two photos floating around.  If you've used the polish and want to add your pictures to the board, let me know!

I just wanted balloons in the sky.  There was no way I could recreate that beautiful Up! manicure so I just went for bunches of balloons.

I used a base of Barry M Blue Moon (definitely it's last outing, it's dead) and sponged Barry M white over the top to try and create a cloudy look.  I then applied Balloon House in little collections on my nails and used a nail art pen to add straws.

I finished the manicure off with two coats of Insta-Dry.


  1. It's just such a fun polish, good job with the design too :)

  2. I love your nails, they look beautiful :)
    Thanks for sharing this manicure with us!!!


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