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Advent Day 1 & Birthday Trips Out!

01 December 2013

So as you can see from yesterday's blog post, I was on a coach from London to Newport.  I had spent the day in London with some of my most favourite people.  We tried to go and enjoy the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park but it was absolutely rammed with people.

Anyway, I also got a few nail related birthday goodies, including a lovely red from Claire's Accessories from Kathie, a fabulous looking Nail Lacquer UK polish and a kit to make my own nail polish from Saz.  You'll see more of these soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

I don't share many personal photos, but here's one of me enjoy a nutella covered pretzel


Anyway, today is the first of December.  Pinch, punch it's the first of the month!  That means its time to open my fabulous Indie Polish Advent calendar that I bought from Tara's Talons.

It's hanging precariously from my coat peg on the back of my door because I can't find anywhere else to put it!!

Day 1 gave me a little glitter topper called Happy Elf.  In the bottle it looks like a light green tinged glitter top coat.  I tried it first over white, as I thought there was a green tinge to it so the white would help to bring the colour out but instead the white just hid the glitter.

So after discussing with Saz, I decided to try it over Barry M's Gelly Watermelon instead which is a deep green.  The colour definitely shows up the glitter a lot better.

The big flower shapes are light green (the smaller ones) and the bigger ones are silver though the pictures don't really do them justice.  I found it a little hard to get the shapes out, so a lot of shaking, poking and prodding took place and my nails are too curvy for the big ones to lie flat and I think they're going to catch/irritate me/ping off tomorrow in work but we'll see.

I'm hoping that this advent calendar will keep me posting more regularly.  If I can, I hope to post about the polish the day I open it.  If I have to skip a day or two (it is Christmas so I think I can be forgiven) I can combine the polishes into a funk manicure. 

I'm also looking forward to my new layout, which should be ready any day now.  I'm also looking at ways to increase my viewership and I'm hoping to think up a giveaway in the next few weeks or so.  Maybe these could include my attempts at indie polishes!!!

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