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Sally Hansen: Dorian Grey

10 August 2013

Another day, another swatch.

I've been trying to get my claws on Dorian Grey after Saz posted some amazing manicures using it.  The colour is a fab neutral base if you don't want to use nude.  She picked it up for £1 in Poundland.  And I love her for it, of course.

Look at how long my nails are getting too.  I'm using Nail Envy and it's so worth the investment!

The polish applied well and had great coverage so it's great value for £1.  I'm not sure I'd splash out on a full price bottle but I shall be keeping my eyes on my local poundland for more bargains.

The colour looks fab by itself but I've been experimenting with some new glitter toppers I've got so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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