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Nail Lacquer UK: Dolphin's Dream

08 August 2013

So Nail Lacquer (and how bad a person am I that I don't know her name??) is one of my favourite nail art blogs.  Her designs are fab and give me loads of inspiration for my own nails.  Therefore you can imagine how excited I was when she announced that her own range of indie polishes had gone on sale.  I managed to drain enough money out of the depths of my bank account (empty and mostly full of moths) to buy two beautiful polishes.

I should mention that she is also very friendly, always up for a chat on twitter.  Because I was her first ever customer, I also got sent a freebie (yey - freebies make me smile).

So here are the first swatches.  The polish is called Dolphin's Dream.  It is a sheer base, tinted just slightly blue and filled with holographic green, blue and turquoise glitters, making it very sea like.  It applies beautiful and gives really good coverage.  The polish also dries really quickly, which I love because I'm almost always in a rush.

The swatches I've made have a base coat (OPI Nail Envy), three layers of Dolphin's Dream then one coat of top coat (Sally Hansen).

The polish is so eye catching and so so pretty.  I received compliments all day.

Oh and did I mention, the bottle comes with the cutest charm on it, just to make it even more special.

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