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Challenge Week 33: Ombre Nails

11 August 2013

So, what is the difference between ombre nails and gradient?  At first I thought, nothing.  There is no difference.  Ombre is a different name for gradient.


I found this fantastic blog called The Swatchaholic who manages to simply explain the differences between gradient and ombre nails (and also Skittle nails which I also was a bit hazy about!!)  Inspired by her blog post then, I decided to create a gradient ombre nail.

I struggled to find 6 of the same colour in my nail polish boxes.  This means that I should expand my collection, right?  I finally settled on green.

I then struggled to match the colours up in order from light to dark.  Unfortunately, I got it wrong.

I'm disappointed with this manicure, it isn't my best and I don't think it'll be seeing the light of day.

The only finger I was actually impressed with was my thumb.

The polishes I used from thumb to tiny finger are:

  • Barry M Mint Green
  • Barry M Limited Edition Green
  • Model's Own Toxic Apple
  • Barry M Spring Green
  • Barry M Key Lime
  • Barry M Watermelon

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