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Sinful Colours: Kissy

01 June 2013

So yesterday I went shopping and noticed that Boots have finally restocked on Barry M polishes.  Yey!  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for deals ready for the release of the new Gellys - they're the only Barry M's I'm allowed to buy this month.

While I was browsing boots the new Sinful Colours stand caught my eye.  I was impressed by the range of colours they had and how cheap they were so decided to pick up a bottle.

Kissy Kissy caught my eye straight away and is a fantastic polish for only £1.99.  It applied well, with very little streakiness and I was able to get a decent cover after only two layers (I don't usually like using more than two layers as I find the polish chips more quickly if I do).

I painted the nails last night and today I've been a busy bee revising so going into files, hole punching, stapling and procrastinating and so far I haven't had a chip so extra points for that.  I think I'll be looking at investing in some more colours from the range in the very near future.

Here are the final results after base coat, two coats of polish and two top coats:

P.S Please ignore the current state on my blog.  The background image went missing so I'm rehauling and sticking with plain until I come up with something better! :)

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