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Challenge Week 22: Gradient Nails

27 May 2013

I've been so slack with this challenge recently.  I have attempted a few but they've been rubbish.  I did an amazing one a couple of weeks ago but the photos went missing in cyberspace.  Gutted.

But I'm back for gradient week.

I've had my friends and fellow nailarters Saz (My Mint Nails) and Kathie (Kathie's Famous Fingers) to stay last week and Saz was talking about doing a sideways gradient.  I've seen these before and they look awesome so I thought I'd give it a try (and steal her idea).

I got my mum to pick me 5 colours out of my nail box:

She picked out 5 Gelly's which are my favourites.

The way I do gradients is different to other tutorials I've done.  It needs a bit more work getting the blending sorted but I like it so I thought I'd do a mini tutorial.

First I painted each nail one of the colours (the manicure is messy because I didn't bother tidying up or being careful, knowing I'd have to tidy it up later anyway).

Then, using a makeup sponge for each colour, I dabbed nail varnish onto one half of the nail, moving further across the nail as I went.

I then used the other colour on the same make up sponge to "mix" the polishes and get the gradient effect.  I did this two to three times with each colour until I got a decent blend.

Once I was happy with the blend, I cleaned the manicure up and added two layers of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.  I'm very happy with this manicure and how it looks and got compliments all the way around Asda this morning.

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