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Challenge Week 23: Tribal Print

07 June 2013

These nails were mostly created using inspiration from across google images!  I went to Superdrug the other day to pick up the new Barry M Gellys (I only managed to buy Key Lime and Mango though and was gutted) so I used these new polishes plus the Pomegranate Gelly.

They're not the best but I'm trying to improve on my tutorial skills so here's a step-by-step on how I created these nails.

1.  Use a base coat (obviously).

2.  Paint two layers of your base colour.  I used Model's Own White.

3.  I then used Barry M's Nail art pen in black to do a rough outline of where I wanted the straight lines to be.  It doesn't matter how rough these lines are because they'll be covered up later.
4.  I then used a medium nail art brush to fill in the lines with different colours.  This was completely random and done however I fancied putting them.
5.  I finished off the design with a small nail art brush and Barry M black to re-do the original black lines and add in any extra features - zig zags and dots etc.

6.  After giving the nails forever to dry I applied two layers of Sally Hansen Quick Dry and cleaned up the manicure.

I love the new Barry M colours - they're fab and bright.  Just hope I can get my claws on the others soon.

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