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Challenge Week 12: Violet Nails (attempt 2)

21 March 2013

So while I was looking for inspiration for my challenge nails this week, I came across a fab manicure on google:

These were really eye catching and gave me another attempt to practice my masking tape skills.  But of course, mine came out nothing like it as I didn't use the picture while I was attempting the manicure.

I kind of like them none the less, they look like some sort of purple stained glass window.  I used Barry M Gelly Prickly Pear & Plum and for the glitter I used Lac Attack's Muggle (which I love).

By the way, Gelly is such a bugger to clean up! :(


  1. I tried something like this once, before I had masking tape so I used the sticky bits of post-it notes instead and it went sooo wrong! Yours has worked and looks neat and I love the addition of the extra glitter square! You have some really pretty glitters.

    And yeah the darker gellys really stain your skin! Boo!

  2. Really pretty!! I love the glitter in the middle x


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