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Ask a British Nail Blogger - Most Covetted Polish

24 March 2013

This fortnight's question is What is your most wanted polish (or polishes)?

For ages I covetted Lac Attack's Magical Musings polishes.  I wanted them for forever.  I was fortunate to get my hands (claws) on a full set during her January restock and I love, love, love, love them.  I always keep my eyes peeled on Harlow & Co for restocks.

Apart from these, I haven't really got a list.  This will be the next thing on my to-do list, I think.  I spend enough money in Boots so don't really need much more encouraging but I can always stretch my small purse further.

I was just browsing Harlow & Co when I went to get the link and this caught my eye (picture lovingly borrowed from PrettyPolishPlease:

I think this one will be the top of my list! <3 --="" comment-="" end="" inlinkz="" script="">

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