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Challenge Week 11: Glitter Nails (Attempt 1)

11 March 2013

Ugh - I have totally lost my nailart mojo this past week so I apologise for the lack of posts.  I attempted a gradient 3 times before giving up - it looked horrific.

I wanted to get my mojo back so I thought I'd attempt a beautiful looking manicure (on google).  Unfortunately my attempt was bad.

I used Lac Attack's Hogwarts glitter - about 3 coats to get full coverage.  I then freehanded triangles at the base of the nail and covered the rest of the nail with Barry M Lychee.  The Lychee was too thick on top of the already thick glitter layers and the end result just looked lumpy!

In more positive news, however, I used PVA as a base for the first time and was really impressed with the results.

I apologise for the crappy quality of the picture - when I create really bad mani's, I always resort to no clean up and using my iPhone instead of my camera!


  1. I think this looks fab! (I looooove this glitter)
    Maybe next time you should start with the lychee, then tape off the triangles then do the glitter. Tape is a right faff though!
    Also I want to see a gradientttt. You inspired me to buy greenberry, so I want to try a gradient with greenberry + dorien grey :-D
    x x

    1. Yeah I wanted to use masking tape because my nail art tape is too fine but I don't have any! :(

      Greenberry and Dorian grey will look amazing!! I'll try another one this week, maybe for my interview Friday! xx

  2. It looks just great! The Lac Attack glitter is a very pretty colour, good for spring as well. Just that glitter polish alone would itself be awesome. I'm enjoying looking at all your manis in your other posts.
    My Beauty Junction


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