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Flocking Powder

07 March 2013

I <3 adore="" br="" feel="" fingers="" flocking="" how="" i="" it="" keep="" much="" my="" nbsp="" of="" on="" powder.="" s="" stroking="" the="" unreal="">
I bought my flocking powder from Sparkly Nails. It was £2.99 and you get SO much for the price! I love this store for cheap nail art treats!


  1. Nice pink colour!

  2. What if you accidently lick it! You'll have to wear this when I next see you so I can see what it feels like.
    Cos of your other mani the other day I've got Greenberry on my shopping list for tomorrow!

  3. Greenberry is lush! I'm thinking my weekend mani is going to be lychee/Greenberg gradient! You can lick the nails and get them wet and they still stay fluffy!

  4. Looks great on you, I love the flocking as an accent nail!


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