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Challenge Week 6 - Yellow

02 February 2013

Okay so I've cheated and done these a day too early. I'm on a train tomorrow and busy all week so thought while I was quiet I'd give them a go.

I've cheated a little, it's not really a yellow design but yellow nails with a different design but I think they're my most favourite nails in a long while.

I've given myself a little manicure today while I'm quiet. I soaked my nails, pushed back my cuticles and buffed and files my nails. I then applied one coat of seche vite base coat. On top of that I applied two coats of Barry M Lemon on all my fingers apart from my ring finger which I used Model's Own Snow White.

I then free handed an Aztec design based on a top I own (and consequently I have also just found on another nailart design on google.). There's me thinking I was being original for once! ;)

I finished off with two tops of seche vite.


  1. Love! I love the aztec design, gotta try that!

    And that yellow is lovely, the few yellow-ish ones I have aren't very nice but I don't wanna buy another just for the challenge - I'll have to see what I can come up with! :-S

  2. I love yellow nail polishes and that one is lovely.

    I have nominated your for The Liebster Award. Check out my post


    1. Thank you!! I'm staying in London but can't wait to get home tomorrow night to do this! Xxx

  3. Bob, I've nominated you for versatile blogger, check out my post: Congrats, lovely! x


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