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Challenge Week 5 - Stripes - 2nd attempt

30 January 2013

Okay so I mentioned in my last blog that I had seen a manicure done by The Nailasaurus that I was desperate to try and stripes theme seemed to be the best chance to give it a go.

I picked two Barry M Gelly colours to do the manicure with, plus a Model's Own glitter which I LOVE! The plain colours were obviously easy but for the ring finger I decided to do a stripey design using striping tape.

Oh my god it did my head in. It was so fiddly getting the tape on and make sure it was stuck down properly. I think I may have cheap tape or something. Anyway here's how I did it.

I painted the base colour once (the Gelly colours go on nice and thick and so only needed one coat.) I painted a layer of Seche Vite fast dry over the top to ensure it was super dry. I then placed the tape down, making sure that each bit was slightly longer and lay off my nails to give me something to grip.

Once all the tape was down securely, I painted the darker colour on top (again just one layer). As soon as I did that I pulled off the tape without giving the varnish time to dry. Try to do this quickly, but not too quick as you can see from my ring finger, it can go wrong if you're too hasty.

Once this had dried properly (and give this quite a while) I added two layers of seche vite to seal the design.

I absolutely love this design and need I get more practice with tape so I'm definitely going to try to get more colours to play around with to perfect using tape.


  1. I love this! I definitely need to try some more designs with striping tape! I love that glitter toooo


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