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Challenge Week 2 - Red

12 January 2013

I've had such a busy hectic week and no time for nails which has made me sad. I also planned to blog two or three times a week so I've been rubbish at this so far.

However, when I got home from London Thursday I had a delivery from These were gold and square and looked amazing.

So I decided since I had a quiet hour, I would use the studs and incorporate them in my challenge nails.

I used a red nails inc that my mum had given me then used my top coat to stick the nails on. I found them quite fiddly to put on and set straight. I finished them off with two coats of seche vite top coat.

1 comment:

  1. They're gorgeous. I really want some studs. I have an idea for one of the challenges that I need them for.


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