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Pretty Quirky: Milky Joe

22 July 2014

I saw Milky Joe being modelled by Saz one day on instagram.  Around that time, I had lost a similar looking polish from Nail Lacquer UK and was in mourning.  Saz, who is absolutely brilliant, has gifted me the polish.

Milky Joe is made by the indie brand Pretty Quirky.  It's a white jelly polish with neon circular glitter in it.  The polish itself applies easily and smoothly but I did find it quite hard to get glitter pieces on to my nail.  I had to dig deep and shake the bottle each time I applied a coat (and sometimes I had to give it a big shake for each finger too).  Even after that, I still had to a lot more digging to place the glitter pieces on my nails.

I'm pretty pleased with the look of this manicure once it was finished and I got good coverage with three coats.  I topped it off with a coat of Glisten & Glow by HK girl.

I love neon colours and neon glitters, especially in the summer and I'm looking forward to using this in some new combinations.


  1. Love this! Glad it got there in the end for you :)
    (Nail Lacquer UK polishes are so gorgeous aren't they? They're some of my favourites) xxx

  2. Oh no, probably resting in polish heaven! But this one looks gorgeous too!


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