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Models Own - Hypergels

14 February 2014

Like many of the rest of you - when Model's Own announced their massive sale towards the end of January, I was a little tempted.  25% off after spending £25 - it was good.  I took a look at their website but resisted, there weren't very many of their polishes I didn't already have or wanted badly enough.  Then they announced that their brand new hypergels were going into the sale mix and that the discount was going up to 50%.

I wasn't too sure whether I was still going to indulge.  Surely these polishes were the same as Barry M's Gellys.  But then I started getting jealous of everyone elses swatches.  Finally, a bad day and finding my credit card in my purse while I was on the train pushed me over the edge and I placed an order.

I read the instructions wrong!  I thought you could only order 3 colours from the range - not 3 of the same polish.  I wish I hadn't been so stupid because I would have liked to have bought a few more from the range.

The polishes I did invest in were (from left to right) Blue Glint, Cerise Shine and Cornflower Gleam.  Nice shiney names.

The polishes are lovely - such a fantastic formula and so easy to apply.  They take two coats to be completely opaque but if you're in a rush, I'm sure one would be fine.  They're super shiny as well so the only reason you'd need to apply a top coat is to protect the manicure.

My pictures show the polishes with top coat as I liked the extra added shine it gave them.  I think Blue Glint is my favourite, it's such a lovely deep blue.  Cerise Shine is a warm pink - and perfect for nail art.  I've already tried it out with a lace detail nail art.  I was a bit worried about buying Cornflower Gleam as it looks quite close to Prickly Pear but I think it's a better polish - a deeper lilac than it's Barry M counterpart.

Blue Glint 

Cerise Shine

Cornflower Gleam

The Model's Own polishes are a lot easier to tidy up than the Barry M's which are quite stainey.  They're also a lot more durable.  I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for any more deals so I can invest in the rest!


  1. These swatches are beaut!! I especially love Blue Glint <3 so pretty on your nails! Xx

    1. Thanks duck! I want more! Will have to add them to my list of want to buys! :(

    2. We can maybe get some when we go shopping in March - I think Boots are doing 3-for-2 for a bit! Xx

  2. These swatches look great! The colours really suit you too! I've managed to resist buying any of the hypergels so far, I'm not sure how long it'll last though :P

    1. I resisted - then gave up resisting since they were so super cheap! I only wish I'd bought more!

    2. Haha, I know what you mean - there are so many nice shades in the collection! :)


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